Difference between ‘Brandles’ and Battery Candles

Im guessing your first question is “What the hell is a Brandle”?.Well, the answer is quite simple. Brandles are Branded Candles. These Branded Candles are wax or gel ornaments with a wick to display a flame or light to create warmth or ambiance. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and designs. The candle in discussion today is displayed in a glass mold (best suited for restaurants). Most candle suppliers do not charge for the rental of these molds as they are collected and replaced/topped up. It’s always best to use a specific colour to create a certain mood or tie into the colour scheme or theme of the restaurant. Some candles may be scented as well (depending on the restaurant’s requirements).

Unlike traditional container candles, the glass mold is branded with the restaurant’s logo (Brandles = Branded Candles). The mold displays I high resolution polyprop glass transparent label which leads to the following advantages.

  • It enhances the brand awareness inside the restaurant. It take the average person 21 minutes to complete a meal and during that time, they are exposed to the label/restaurant brand at least 42 times and that creates a form of subliminal marketing
  • A high resolution photo of the brandle is displayed on our website and social media platforms reaching an audience of 125 000 people. This acts as an advert and drives traffic to your restaurant increasing your sales.
Written by Lester Philander
MD of Philander Enterprises t/a Essential Candles