In today’s economy, corporates have to work harder to retain customer loyalty. The best way to do that is through excellent service and making the customer feel like they are the most important people in the world. Over the years, corporates started getting smarter and gave corporate gifts with their branding on them (for example, branded pens, branded mugs, calendars and so forth.

The point of getting traction from a corporate marketing gift is for it to be visible and the most visible things in office spaces are ornaments.

Our range of branded candles serves as a perfect low cost gift for customers with an even more personal touch. The giving company can give their customer a theme based candle with a hi resolution transparent message insert, while their logo is displayed on the back of that same candle.

For example, Rabbit Media (Pty) Ltd signs up a new customer (Creating their company facebook page). Once the project is complete or after the first sale, Rabbit Media (Pty) Ltd can give this customer a free candle in a glass, with a little facebook icon inside the gel (to tie into the theme of the project), a thank you message in the front on the candle saying (thank you for your business) and the back of the candle will display the Rabbit Media logo. Not only is the customer happy they received a free gift but when this candle is displayed in the customer’s office, Rabbit Media gains a free form of advertising. Statistics have proven that a happier customer is a loyal customer. With these candles, you will have happier customers while enhancing your brand.