There are 3 things that keep customers coming back to your restaurant for more.

  1. The Food
  2. The Service and
  3. The Energy (Ambiance)

Today we are focusing on ambiance and how it can be enhanced. Firstly you need to know what crowd you are catering for. This doesn’t only refer to the LSM group but it refers to the ages and locations as well. For example, Ocean Basket is a seafood restaurant. The candles we supply them are blue at the base (representing the ocean) and white on top (representing the foam). Ocean basket is not limited to romantic couples. They cater for the fish lovers, family meze’s and have a great consistency throughout the country. If you look at the restaurant like Zenzero, they create a warm intimate environment with cream coloured walls, wine glasses and top end furniture. The candle that best suits them would be a solid warm coloured candle (like cream) to create that energy. In addition to the colour and shape of the glass, we also use a soft vanilla fragrance to add to the ambiance. This hits them on a subconscious level leaving the customer with a memorable experience.


Written by Lester Philander
MD of Philander Enterprises t/a Essential Candles