Candles for weddings have evolved from being a functional form of lighting to an ornament associated with ‘experience’. Candles have the ability to illuminate the entire venue, creating that warm romantic ambiance ideal for weddings.

With weddings (being one of the most important days in our lives), we tend to go all out, take our time and most importantly, stand out or be unique to help create the memory that will last a lifetime.

Our range of personalised candles creates that unique experience. The series of table gel candles (A Pack) in vases or Champaign glasses displays a picture of the couple, their names and even a short message or bible verse.

The B pack includes personalised wedding favours as well. Each guest gets to take a candle (tot size) home, which displays a thank you message inside the glass. This gives your guests a chance to take the experience with them.

The C Pack includes the personalised table candles, personalised wedding favours and personalised wedding invitations. With our QR codes, your guest will receive a candle with the names displayed in front, and a QR code (3D barcode) displayed on the back on the glass. These guests will scan the QR code with their smart phones and they will immediately be able to see the full invitation or a video of you and your fiancé telling them that they are officially invited.

There are a number of packages and if the above is a bit too out there, we have simpler options as well.