Essential Candles has positioned itself in the market to be the most innovative candles supplier in the restaurant industry in Cape Town. Our wax and gel candles create a warm and romantic ambiance making them ideal for restaurants. Our candles allow for the name and logo of the restaurant to be displayed on or in the glass. This enhances the brand inside the property and in addition to that, these same candles are displayed on our website and social media platforms resulting in increased brand awareness which ultimately drives more traffic to your restaurant.

Modern technology has also enabled us to use QR codes (which can be displayed at the back of the candle) to lure customers to scan, follow your restaurant on Twitter and Facebook so that they can enter into a competition. This enhances customer interaction with the restaurant as well as increases its social media database. The QR codes could also be used for daily specials, breaking news (relative to the restaurant) or anything else they would like to communicate.

  • The candles are custom therefore the shape, colour, size or scent can be themed to that of the restaurant and/or hotel.
  • They last (burning time) up to 2 weeks per table.
  • The scents are optional and at no extra charge.
  • They come in Citronella (flying insect repellent – ideal for buffets), vanilla and lavender

Essential Candles has a level 3 BBBEE certificate and a portion of our sales goes to the GAP charity org and children living with HIV and TB.