The Solution to all restaurant problems
Problem for restaurants
One of the worst things a restaurant can experience is an unhappy customer (that doesn’t complain).
A complaint is a good thing as it gives the restaurant an opportunity to rectify the mistake.
If the customer leaves the restaurant unhappy (without complaining to the manager), one of 2 things will happen
1. The customer will never come back or recommend anyone to your restaurants or/and
2. The customer will slander your restaurants on social media for the world to see

Solution for Restaurants
The QR codes on our candles allow customers to land on any webpage we/you want them to.
For customers that would like to express their disappointment (while avoiding confrontation), they can scan the QR code on the candle, leave a complaint with their details (within 30 seconds). This allows you to get back to the customer that same day or the next day to rectify or apologize.
The complaint will be for the restaurant’s eyes only (not a public forum).
The customer will feel appreciated and valued.

Inversely, if the customer had a great experience in your restaurants, this platform will allow them to share it (on a public forum). This adds credibility to your restaurant and brands as customers trust a review 72% more than they trust an advert.

Essential Candles


Written by Lester Philander
MD of Philander Enterprises t/a Essential Candles