Most restaurants use candles rights? Right. They create a warm romantic ambiance, they give customers something to play with while waiting for their food, it enhances the décor or theme of the restaurant, the list goes on. In doing business today, we need to conform to new business trends. Examples of these are automation, social media and now QR codes. A 2013 study proved that correct implementation of QR codes can see restaurant sales increase by 34%. Now the big question is, what, why and how does this work and how should it be used in restaurants? Simple, buy your branded Candles (Brandles) from Essential Candles, request your QR code options and watch your sales increase. The code can be linked to your restaurant website displaying daily specials (which aren’t displayed on the menu). This allows customers to actually see the meal on their smart phone, not only hear the waitron describing it. It also gives the customer the opportunity to sign up for your newsletters while on the site or enter a competition you may be running. Another powerful way is to direct the link to your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), run a campaign, when customer likes your facebook page or follow you on twitter, they stand a chance to win a daily or spot prize (which Essential Candles too can supply).

This increases interaction between restaurant and customer and it increases the restaurant’s social media database.


Written by Lester Philander
MD of Philander Enterprises t/a Essential Candles