The Power of Subliminal marketing

All companies need a form of marketing to sell their products. Among the most popular are the 8 P’s, social media (particularly Facebook and Twitter) and a variety of others. Although these models have proven to be effective, they only cater to the conscious mind. Subliminal marketing caters to the subconscious (which is much bigger than the conscious).

Example, when major wrist watch companies advertise in magazines, the time is ALWAYS 10 past 10. This picture represents a smiley face, subconsciously making people happy when they see the advert. They have seen a steady increase in sales as a result. Another example is Apple in the movie Sex Tape. The actors specifically talk about the outstanding features and functions of the device. It’s no                co-incidence that it was Apple. Chances are it was planned and there we money exchanges before the film went to circuit.

So, how does Essential Candles’ Brandles assist restaurants with subliminal marketing? Simple. The candles display the restaurant’s logo on the table. It takes the average customer 17 minutes to complete a meal (this excludes the waiting time and after meal time in the restaurant). The customer is then exposed to this logo throughout the time they spend there and they link it to the good time they having. In addition to that, the Brandle (restaurant branded candle) is also displayed  on our website and social media platforms which sees an audience of 125 000 people (Ocean Basket example below). This in turn acts as an advert and drives traffic to that restaurant.

On the picture below, you’ll see a smaller candle as well. They are used as customer gifts. So when customer spend more than a certain amount (R 500 for example), the restaurant can give them a free candle as a thank you gesture. Not only will the customer be happy they got something for free but when the brandle is displayed in the customers house, Ocean Basket gains a free form of adverting.

Written by Lester Philander
MD of Philander Enterprises t/a Essential Candles